Helping Women Get Their Fair Shot

When women are given a fair shot, they’re absolute game changers.
— Donovan Mitchell

In the coming months, Donovan Mitchell, with the help of doTERRA and other supporters, will launch his new foundation—SPIDACARES—which, among other things, will be dedicated to empowering more women.

Reflecting on his journey to the NBA, Donovan acknowledges that he wouldn’t be where he is today without his mother and sister: “She would drive 28 hours just to watch a game, say, ‘Hi,’ quick hug, and then leave. For her to do that showed me how much she cared and how much she believed in what I was doing. So I would be failing her if I didn’t believe in myself.” Their dedication and support is the inspiration for his efforts with SPIDACARES. His mother, Nicole, will assist him with the foundation.